Hello!  This blog is intended to track my journey trying to understand how Personal Networks work, their value to us as individuals (my hunch they might be our most important asset!) – and whether there is a way to make sense of them visually.

I’m not a serial networker – I have less than a hundred contacts on LinkedIn (as of today), my Facebook presence is really there to keep an eye on my children …. and I can think of nothing worse than attending a “networking” event.  However, I am an entrepreneur who is committed to business development – and to create new ideas I need people around me and information from all sorts of places.  The same applies when a strategy is developed – and it’s time to deliver.  I do believe that I have a good quality network of people who trust in me – and this diverse network has helped me to create and develop new ventures.

I’ve been fortunate to have built a business from scratch – and sold it at the peak of the market.  This means that for the last 4 years I’ve managed to take time out to think, play and get involved in small (but exciting) projects.

Anyway, I am working with two of my colleagues from the business we sold to develop our ideas around Personal Networks.  We have a fledgling idea, a registered domain name (VizWho) and some basic tools to start piloting.  If you visit this blog – I hope you will find some of the discussions and resources interesting … and hopefully you might come along for the journey (maybe even join my Personal Network!).

Phil O’Brien