The polls have closed – and the results are in…

4,657 LinkedIn members took the time to vote on the poll – and 239 added their comments. 55% of respondents “Would REALLY miss it”, 30% said “I would for a while, but I’d get over it” and 14% said “Not one bit.”

The poll was set up to get feedback on my original post – which reflected the “risk” statements in LinkedIn’s SEC filings on their way to an IPO (Initial Public Offering) later in the year.

I’m not great at analysing this sort of data – and would be interested to see if you can see any trends in the spit of demographics for each question.

It seems like the younger you are, the more you would miss it. The older your are – then the less you are bothered. Also, LinkedIn members who are Owners or CxO/VP level would be happier to make do without. Can you read anything more in to the graphs?

It was great to read so many comments – wish I had so many on my blog ;-( Some of the highlights that made me smile/think are below. Thanks for voting….